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Questions / Answers

Cruise school

The less clothes you take with you for sailing, the less chaos there is in your cabin. Keep in mind that you hardly need any clothes when sailing and there are not many places to store clothes on the boat. A suitcase takes up too much space in your cabin – take a foldable bag / duffel bag or rucksack instead.

GoreTex (if possible) jacket and trousers, fleece and thermal tights, boots and cover shoes with non-slip soles (⚠️ dark soles forbidden), gloves to protect hands during manoeuvres.

Cap / hat, swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops …

Biodegradable hygiene wipes, soap and shampoo

Walking or hiking shoes

Sleeping bag (pillows and pillowcases are provided)

Personal medications

Sleeping bag (pillows and pillowcases provided)

The ports where we leave depending on the area where you wish to sail. We can start from: Le Crouestry, Port-Louis, Lorient, La trinité…

We sleep on the ship all the time.

At anchor there is a fresh water shower at the back of the boat.

When lying in the harbours, we use the harbour’s own sanitary facilities.

It all depends on your destinations.

During a long weekend we will sail to islands near the coast.

If the trip takes a week, we can sail from island to island.

If it takes 15 days or more, we can consider sailing to Spain or the English Scilly Islands…

Seamanship: the art of knots

Fishing: spiders, mackerels,…

Reading, crossword puzzles,…


Walk or trail on the coastal paths

Water hike



Shopping during stopovers

Relax, nap, sunbathing, …

You must be able to swim safely in the sea and be old enough to understand the instructions from the adults on the ship.  I have experience with children on board and will advise the parents. I will advise parents at the time of booking.

There is no age limit to come sailing! If you feel fit and are able to move around nimbly, you are welcome.

When it comes to safety issues, he alone has to decide, possibly very quickly.

The boat is extremely stable, built for the high seas and its often rough conditions.

Safety vests are provided.

Anyone who has recently undergone a medical procedure should always consult their doctor about their plans and inform the skipper before the trip.

If someone needs special medication, he/she must carry it with him/her and inform the skipper before the trip.

For a cruise with night on board, Toani can accommodate 4 crew members.
For a day cruise, Toani can accommodate up to 8 people (because no night on board).